Transformer PrestaShop Theme – Premium Responsive PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme

Transformer Prestashop Theme is an elegant, powerful, and fully-responsive PrestaShop template with a modern design. With the help of 50+ built-in PrestaShop modules, you can easily create a professional-looking online PrestaShop store. The Transformer PrestaShop Theme has a powerful theme editor which allows you to customize your PrestaShop theme layout and appearance any way you want. The Transformer design is well suited for any eCommerce store. including clothing stores, electronics stores, fashion stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, furniture stores, and boutiques.

  • Best Selling PrestaShop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme
  • Mature & Stable 8 Year Old Theme
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Regular Updates.

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Easybuilder module
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PrestaShop transformer theme

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Keep Innovating
8 Years regulary updates make the Transformer theme be the best and most trustworthy PrestaShop theme. We will always keep it up-to-date with new features added regulary.
What Our Customers Say

Note: Transformer v3 has less features than V4, it also has most features listed blow.

Transformer Prestashop theme design


Transformer Prestashop theme fancy sidebar feature
Fancy sidebar feature.
  • 7 Predefined sidebars:
    • - Shopping cart
    • - Wishlist
    • - View products
    • - Loved products
    • - Search
    • - QR code
    • - Social sharing buttons
  • Unlimited custom sidebars to display any custom content.
  • Sidebars can be display on right/left side of your site.
  • The width of sidebars can be changed.
Transformer premium theme modern mobile bar feature
Modern mobile bar feature.
  • Sidebar items will be display at the bottom of pages on mobile.
  • Ability to set different sidebars for mobile and desktop.
  • Menu on mobile will be on a sidebar as a Off-canvas menu.
  • The left and right columns can not display as sidebars on mobile devices to keep mobile pages be neat.
Unlimited headers

Infinite Desktop & mobile header layout combinations.
We didn't predefine any header layouts for Prestashop Transformer theme, the layout of header is flexible.

Transformer Prestashop theme unlimited header
  • Display logo on center.
  • Disable a super large search box.
  • Sticker header.
  • Possibility to remove/display Topbar, Main header, Menu from/on sticker header.
  • Display custom content on header.
  • Transparent header - display content under a transparent header, demo here.
  • Display mobile header on desktop devices.
  • A different logo for mobile devices.
  • Retian logo(a sharp logo) for modile devices.
  • Display search box out on mobile header.
  • Sticky mobile header.

The unlimited possibility is what makes Transformer theme be the best PrestaShop theme.

PrestaShop Panda template image scrolling
Image scrolling product page (NEW) 

The feature doesn't have a name yet, let call it "Image scrolling" for now. With the feature, main product images will be listed out on the left side, the middle column, which contains the buy button, will be sticky. We have 3 demos for the feature:

  • 1. Image scrolling with a vertial thumbnail block. DEMO 1
  • 2. Image scrolling. DEMO 2
  • 3. Image scrolling, grid view. DEMO 3

Other things you need to know about the Image scrolling feature.

  • You can't have "zoom" and "thick box" at the same time, because displaying a "enlarge" icon on every image isn't a good idea.
  • The Image scrolling feature is for desktop only, because everything is in vertical layout on a mobile phone. If you have to test how everything looks like on mobile, use a real mobile phone to test, don't just resizing your browser down.
  • Stickers, the video button will not be displayed out, you need to move them to the middle column.
Fullscreen gallery lightbox (NEW) 

A morden way to present your product images to bring the best experience and simplicity.

  • Mobile friendly - Pinch zoom on mobile device.
  • Double-click to zoom on desktop device.
  • Full screen.
  • Several images per row.
  • Mousewheel control supported.

DEMO 1DEMO 2 (Check demos on a real phone to see the pinch zoom feature)

Flexible fly-out buttons
  • Fly-out buttons show out when mouse over a product.
  • Can be used to display: Add to cart, Love, Wishlist, Quick view, Social sharing and View.
  • 3 ways to display fly-out buttons: Right below product images, at the very bottom of product blocks and on product images showing out when mouse hover.
Fly-out button feature of Transformer Prestashop template
Transformer Prestashop theme demos
Amazing Demos for PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7
  • We created 16+ completely different demo sites to show you what you can do with this pretashop theme and prestashop template. They have not only different homepages, but also different product pages, blog pages, category pages and login pages.
  • Features from different sites can be combined!
  • Professionally designed demos, our demos are not just used to show features of Transformer theme, each demo was designed to present your products in a better way.
    If you have experience of using PrestaShop, then you would find it's supper easy to set up a web shop using Transformer theme.
One-click demo importer.

Transformer theme's one-click demo installation feature is the fastest way for you to set up your PrestaShop site as anyone of our demos for Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7.

Ability to use different image types for different blocks, which assure images look extremely sharp.

For example, if you are going to use 2 different sliders to display products, one fullwidth slider, the others has a banner on it's right side. The problem would be that products in those two sliders would be in different sizes, the same home_default image type would not work for both sliders. With the feature you can create a new image type, and the apply different image types for different slider to make sure all images to be displayed at their original size, in that way they would look extremely sharp.

Different image types for different blocks on then Transfomer Prestashop template


Lazy loading feature.
  • Lazy load product images.
  • Lazy load banner images and slider images.
  • Lazy load product images and slider images which are out of browser view. With this feature, images which are out of browser view won't be loaded at the beginning, which can speed up page load time. The feature fixes the "Defer offscreen images" on Google Page Insights to make your site will get a higher score.
  • This feature would speed your site a lot.
  • A white picture will be used as placeholder, not annoying loading gif.


Ability to set different number of products for different devices.
  • For example 4 products per row for desktop devices, 2 products per row for phones.
Revolution sldier module for Prestashop template
Revolution slider included

The #1 selling responsive jQuery slider module.
It has been integrated to work with Transformer theme's hooks.

Different images for different devices

You can upload different images for different devices in the Advanced Banners module, Owl Carousel module and Swiper module, with this feature you can achieve that horizontal images on screen width > 768, square images on screen width >480 and <768, vertical images on screen < 480. Here are two demos:

Prestashop themes
Online course about Prestashop + transformer them and panda theme

That's an online course about (PrestaShop + Transformer theme + Conversions) in Spanish created by Dan who is our partner, the course would help you a lot if you are new to prestashop and you want to increase your CRO. Dan is experienced of Prestashop and an export of CRO.
Transformer theme main features


Advanced custom content module

The module is a very important more for Transformer theme, it can do a lot of things:

  • Put custom content to more than 80+ different hooks.
  • Ability to put custom content to the left/right/top/bottom of products slider modules.
  • Can be use to create rich product descriptions.
  • Can be use to create rich posts.
  • Can be use to create rich CMS pages.
  • You can show any products where ever you want. Demo of show products on a cms page.
  • Ability to put custom content on top/bottom of the category page.
  • Ability to put individual custom content on top/bottom for a specific category page.
  • Ability to put custom content on top/bottom of the manufacturer page.
  • Ability to put individual custom content on top/bottom for a specific manufacturer page.
  • Can be used to create unlimtted/individual product tabs for each product.
  • Can be used to create unlimtted/individual product tabs for products from the same category or the same manufacturer.
  • Can be used to create display individual custom content on the right side of the main image gallery for a specific product.
  • Can be used to create display custom content for products from the same category or the same manufacturer.
  • Can be used to create display individual custom content on the bottom of product desciption for a specific product.
  • Can be used to create display custom content for products from the same category or the same manufacturer.
Custom content editor module for Prestashop Transformer theme
Advanced custom content editor
  • Advanced custom content editor is a part of the Advanced custom content module.
  • Did you have difficulty to create elements like FAQs, Tabs, Google maps, etc ?
    Transformer 4 has a new featured call "Advanced content editor", with it you can easily create tabs, accordions, FAQ, parallax block, products sliders, lists, textbox sliders, testimonials and more.
Transformer Prestashop template blog module
Best Prestashop Blog module with blog homepage feature.
  • Beside your site homepage, you can have a blog homepage to list featured posts, recent posts and other information there.
  • 3 layouts to choose to display posts from Grid, Media image and Large
  • 3 post types: General, video and sideshow.
  • Blog article slider module, which can be used to display posts from chosen blog categories.
  • Recent articles module.
  • Blog comments module.
Powerful PrestaShop Megamenu

2 menu styles: Mega dropdowns with rich content, simple multi-level dropdowns

  • Supports unlimited level dropdown menus
  • Left column menu
  • Dropdown vertical menu
  • Labels, can be used to highlight some menu items.
Transformer PrestaShop theme megamenu
Transformer theme shopping cart module
Improvded Shopping cart module
  • Quantity box on side bar cart and drop down cart.
  • Display cross-selling on the popup cart.
  • Display products in shopping cart in a sidebar.
  • 4 different actions after adding a product to the cart:
    • - Popping up a dialog.
    • - Flying the product cover image to the header cart.
    • - Flying the product cover image to the header cart, page srolls up.
    • - Flying the product cover image to the right bar cart.
Banner text editor
  • Quick and easy way to edit banner texts.
  • Create beautify banner texts by editing predefined designed banner texts.
Transformer PrestaShop theme banner editor
Sync product image galleries on the homepage and the category page.
  • Ability to show main image galleries only with thumbnail galleries.
  • Ability to use different settings for the homepage and the category page.
PrestaShop Transformer theme product image gallery
Stickers module
  • 7 built-in native stickers: New, Sale, In stock, Sold out, Online only, Pack and Reduce price.
  • Those stickers would show out automatically accordion to your site settings, no need to manually assign them to products.
  • 2 different styles: Text sticker and Image sticker.
    Unlimited custom stickers.
Sticker module for Transformer PrestaShop theme
PrestaShop Transformer template social feed module
Advanced social feed module.

Display clean, responsive Instagram feeds on your site to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

  • This module has permissions to get media from public content, which means you can display other users' media on your site.
  • You can get media from Instagram by usernames and hashtags .
  • Media can be displayed in grid and slider layout.
  • You can create as many blocks as you want to display media from different sources.
  • This module has 100+ options, which allows you customize your Instagram feeds to look exactly the way you want.
  • Option to view media in a pop lightbox or on Instagram.
  • Load more button in grid layout.
Prestashop 1.7 product review module
Advanced Product Reviews Module.

Customers can share their own views about products, not just plain text, they can use short and simple words to describe products, they can upload one image, they can also reply other customers' comments.

  • This module allows customers to post reviews to promote your products.
  • You can choose some reviews to show out on your homepage or left column or footer.
  • This module has a page to list featured reviews out to help your potential customers know how good your products are.
  • Customers can use short and simple words to describe products.
  • This module allows customers uploading images.
  • Comments can be nested.
  • Reviews can be filtered and sorted.
  • Using Google reCAPTCHA to stop robots posting comments.
  • Testimonials can be displayed in slider and list view.
Retina Ready PrestaShop Theme

What's Retina display? Put it simple, if a site is Retina ready , its texts and pictures would look way crisp & clear on Retina displays that non-Retina displays.
Retina ready is mainly for pictures. Texts would look clear without doing any settings.

Transformer Prestashop template retina feature

For example, you have a product picture, its dimension is 1000px X 2000px. PrestaShop copes it down to 100px X 200px as a thumbnail, by default the thumbnail would look even more blur on a Retina display than it's on a desktop display. The solution is to use another copy of the picture which dimension is 200px X 400px to remove the small one on a retina display, then you would be surprised how crisp & clear the thumbnail would look on a retina display. The theme comes with a lot of image types with _2x suffix, they are image types for Retina display.


7 module to show products in grid/slider.
  • New Products Slider.
  • Top sellers slider.
  • Featured products slider.
  • Related products.
  • Special Products Slider.
  • Viewed products block.
  • Product Slider.
    This module can display products by categories and brands, it allows to create many blocks as you want, it can also display products in tabs.


Multi-purpose Popup notifications for PrestaShop theme
  • Can be show to display cookie law information.
  • Can be used to display advertisements.
  • Can be used to display special notifications.


Multiple Premium Slider Options.
  • Amazing Revolustion slider is an innovative, responsive Slider Plugin that displays your content as beautiful way on Prestashop template. Save $36
  • Swiper slider, it's modern mobile touch slider. Support RTL very well.
  • Owl carousel slider, simple & easy.


Hover image effect.
  • You can manually set a hove image for every product.
  • The feature allows you to set the second picture of every product as hover image.
  • 5 different ways to show hover images: Fade . From Top . From Bottom . From Right . From Left


Highly customizable Breadcrumbs
  • Different breadcrumbs on different pages.
  • Ability to put different custom contents on different breadcrumbs
Transformer PrestaShop template countdown timers
Count down timers for special products

2 different styles to display countdown timers
Display count down timers for all special products.
Display count down timers for specific products.
You can choose pages to display count down timers, for example, you may need to display count down timers on the homepage only.


Product comparison module
Add a product comparison feature to your PrestaShop 1.7 site. Compare products in a responsive table which allows customers to compare as many products as they want. This module allows you to set which content will be compared in the comparison page, like whether to compare product short description, whether to compare product stock information.


Love button module
A small but interesting feature to help you get statistics, to let customers express out their brief impressions about your products. which is a beautiful thing on the Prestashop template.


Social sharing

Built-in 10+ popular social networkings.
It's easy to add your local social networkings to the module. You can add as many as you need.
You can upload an image to be the cover image of your site when people share your site on Facebook.
Ability to put in your Facebook app ID to let Facebook know the identity of your site.


Shortcode feature for Advanced social feed module, swiper and Owl carousel module.

With this feature, you can put blocks created by those modules anywhere in posts and product descriptions.

Transformer theme google rich snippets
Transformer theme support Google rich snippets.

A rich snippet is HTML code that is placed on web pages that marks up the page to provide Google and other search engines with explicit pieces of information to help them better understand what information is contained on each web page.

  • Google rich snippets for products can be enabled/disabled.
  • Google rich snippets for reviews can be enabled/disabled.
Transformer PrestaShop themes RTL support

Transformer theme has already optimized for RTL language with the help of one of our Partner in Iran and several transformer users.

PrestaShop 1.7 translation system
  • Front office has already been translated into 10+ languages.
  • Use the latest translation of PrestaShop 1.7, To translate the front office of Transformer theme v4, you only need to translate about 300 phrases, which only takes one hours. No need to translate the same phrases repeatedly.
  • You can do translation work on our professional translation tool. Translate Transformer template v4.
4 widths: Full width, 1440, 1200, 980
Transformer theme 4 different widths
Vector font icons.
Transformer template prestashop font icons

We use Fontello which is a tool letting you combine icon webfonts from several different fonts. You can even add any custom icons you want to your site.


Typography Options

Use Google Fonts, you can upload your custom fonts.
Set different font sizes for H1-H3 headings on cms pages and blog pages.


Optimized for page loading speed.

I have to speak the biggest secret out load here again, Setting up a media server / CDN for your site would dramatically speed up your site. How to speed your PrestaShop site up?


Auto suggestion ajax search

Customize search results, options to show Product image, Product name, Product price.

Theme PrestaShop Transformer stack footer
Blocks on the footer can be stacked

With this feature, the footer layout becomes way more flexible than ever, you can set different with for each column, put one or several block into each column.


Video background feature.

All product slider modules, custom content blocks, banner blocks, and several other types of blocks can have video as their backgrounds.


Custom CSS code, Javascript code, Tracking code and head code.

If you need to do minor customizations to your site, you can add your codes to the Theme editor module without editing theme files, your codes are safe when upgrading your theme.


No coding required to set up a PrestaShop site using Transformer theme

The theme is highly customizable, you can custom all blocks using modules without touching code.


Multiple stores Ready

Support PrestaShop's multiple stores feature will. All our demos were built on a single PrestaShop installation by using the multiple stores feature.

ST-themes support team
Excellent Customer Support

We provide support mainly via the theme's support forums, if you like you can still get support via email.

St theme regular updates guaranteed
Best PrestaShop theme with regular updates.

Not only bug fixes, but new features in every update. Thanks for customers feedback & feature requests, we can always transfer good ideas to useful new features.
More demos added with each major update.

Prestashop 1.7 theme category page


Best selling theme infinite sroll feature
Infinite scroll on the category page.

Infinite Scroll is highly trending. The feature automatically adds products in the next page to the the bottom of current page, saving users from a full page load.

  • Load-more-button feature on the category page.
  • Big next button.
  • Ability to see different numbers of products per row for different devices.
  • Ability to set different views for desktop and mobile.
    For example, you can set list view for mobile by default, customers can still have buttons to switch to grid view.
  • Sticky left column.
demo theme facet search
3 different ways to display filters
  • Display filters on the left column.
  • List all filters out at the top of product listings on the main column.
  • Display filters as drop down menus on the main column.
  • Show/hide category description.
  • Ability to show category descipton at the bottom product listing, good for SEO.
  • 3 ways to show subcategories: Grid, Grid with full category name and List.
Demo theme product page


Product page design
3 columns product page.
  • The main section on the product pages is composed by 3 columns:
    Image column, Primary column and Secondary column.
  • Add to cart button can be displayed on Primary column or Secondary column.
  • 2 places to display related products: On secondary column or on the bottom of product description.
5 ways to product thumbnails

-Slider, -Grid view, -Bullets, -Right side vertical slider, -Left side vertical slider.

Prestashop theme product thumbnail sliders

The way of displaying product thumbnails can be different on mobile and desktop devices.
Ability to display all product thumbnails out, not just the ones for the current combination.


BUY NOW button

Display a Buy now button along with Add to cart button to direct customers directly to the checkout page without going to the shopping page. The feature is good for increasing convince rates.

  • Optimized product page for mobile devices.
  • Size chart.
  • Popup product video.
  • Optimized product page for mobile devices.
  • 3 ways to display product information: Tabs, Vertical Tabs and accordion.
  • 2 different places to display product information: Under the main image gallery, on the right of the main image gallery.
  • MagnificPopup is a responsive lightbox plugin.
    I like the way of this plugin displaying images, it can be used to display very large & sharp images. Two ways to display images: Fit the viewpoint and As width as possible.
  • Easyzoom.
    Supports mobile devices very well.
  • Ability to show brand logo out.
  • Login page can have 2 different layouts: One column / Two columns.
  • Ability to put custom content to the contact us page.
  • Ability set the checkout to use the same header and footer as other pages.
  • Designed "my account" page.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Bootstrap v4's 12-column fluid grid system.
  • Using Bootstrap v4's new flex, not old non-flex (float).
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Unlimited Footer Layouts
  • Parallax Sections
  • Wide/Boxed Layout.
  • QR code
  • One all social login module.
  • No Core File Edit
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Built with latest PrestaShop version
  • 13 Psd files are included, they are 1) PSD files for main demo's homepage, category page(grid view and list view) and product page. 2) PSD files for the homepage of demo 8, 9 and 13. 3) PSD files for blog module.
  • And Much More…

Images for the demo were bought from and Shutterstock.


Images are used only for preview purposes and are not included in the package.

To-do list

Transformer theme v4 to-do list.
All feature requests are welcomed.

  1. Advanced bannerThis module is used to add banners to your shop.
  2. Top sellers SliderDisplay top-selling products in slider or grid view.
  3. Blog moduleBlog module for Prestashop, which is use to add blogs, blog categories, blog tags and connecting products with blogs.
  4. Blog Module - ArchivesThe archives module allows you to display a tree list by years and months on the blog left and right columns.
  5. Blog Module - Category blockThe module is used to add a blog category tree links on sidebar of blog pages.
  6. Blog Module - CommentsAllows users to post comments for articles.
  7. Blog editorChange blog layouts, colors and other settings.
  8. Blog Module - Article SliderDisplay articles as sliders or girds from different categories, you can set sliders show on store homepage or blog homepage, footer and side of blog pages.
  9. Blog Module - Next and previous linksThis module adds Next and Previous links on the blog page.
  10. Blog Module - Recent articlesDisplay rencent articles on your store, which can show as slider or grid.
  11. Blog Module - Related articlesAdd related articles on blog artice pages or product pages.
  12. Blog Module - SearchUser can search all articles via the blog search module.
  13. Blog Module - Tags blockAdd a block containing blog tags.
  14. Brands SliderBrands slider on your home page.
  15. Countdown moduleDisplay countdown timer for special products.
  16. Currency selector block modAdd a block allowing customers to choose their preferred shopping currency.
  17. Customer "Sign in" link modAdd a block that displays information about the customer.
  18. Advanced custom contentThis module is used to create tabs, accordions, FAQ, parallax block, products sliders, lists, textbox sliders, testimonials and more, you can set all kinds of elemets to show on homepage, category pages, product pages and cms pages and so on.
  19. Facebook page pluginAdd a Facebook social plugin Like Box
  20. Featured categoriesDisplay featured categories on your homepage.
  21. Featured products sliderDisplays featured products on homepage, left and right columns on all pages.
  22. New Products SliderDisplay new products on homepage.
  23. Hover imageChange product thumb images when mouse hover
  24. Advanced instagram feedDisplay instagram media on your web page.
  25. Language selector block modAdd a language switcher to your site.
  26. Love buttonsDisplay love buttons on your store.
  27. MegamenuAdd navigation menus on top of your shop.
  28. Custom LinksThis module is used to manage and display links to your shop.
  29. Newsletter popupAdd newsletter subscription blocks.
  30. NotificationDisplay a responsive and custom warning notification on your site.
  31. Overriding default behaviorsOverriding PrestaShops classes and controllers.
  32. Owl Carousel sliderTouch enabled jquery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.
  33. BreadcrumbsThis module allows you set different backgrounds to breadcrumbs on different pages.
  34. Product SliderDisplay products slider from different categories on the homepage or page sidebars.
  35. Product CommentsAllow users to post comments for products after purchasing.
  36. Next and previous productsThis module adds next and previous links on the product page.
  37. QR codeAdd QR code to your site.
  38. Related productsAdd related products on product pages.
  39. Search bar modAdd a quick search field to your website.
  40. Shopping cart modAdd a block containing the customer's shopping cart.
  41. Sidebar and mobile header barManage items in the sidebar.
  42. Social share buttonsDispaly Social sharing buttons on your store.
  43. Special Products SliderDisplay special products slider on hompage, footer, left column and right column.
  44. Stickers blockCustomzie sticker icon or label on product images.
  45. Swiper sliderMost modern mobile touch slider.
  46. Tags blockAdd a block containing your product tags.
  47. Theme editorAllows to change theme design, page layouts, colors, fonts and so on, which is theme core module.
  48. Twitter Embedded TimelinesDisplay the recent tweets of specific twitter user.
  49. Product video and size chartShow youtube, vimeo and size chart on your product page.
  50. Viewed products blockAdd a block displaying recent viewed products.
  51. Wishlist blockDispaly wishlist buttons on your store.
  52. Translation files generatorGenerate xlif files in order to translate the theme.
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